AIM-Reformation 5778 is an Apostolic Five-Fold Ministry which is of the scriptural conviction that the foundation of the Church of Christ is built upon the Apostles and Prophets with Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone. Our apostolic mandate is to heal, equip, develop, grow and promote Apostolic Leadership, in the body of Christ for the work of the ministry.


Vision Statement

Corporately we strategically focus on esteem, develop, grow, heal and empower apostolic sons for the work of the ministry. AIM-Reformation 5778 firmly supports the great harvest among all nations, whereby we promote Jesus Christ as being the cornerstone of the Church of Christ.


Mission Statement

We aim to achieve this vision by applying proven Apostolic Leadership principles and our spiritual gifts through mentoring, training and teaching leadership and apostolic sons in practical ways. We promote excellence by providing credible feedback, transparency, and accountability in all our interactions with our stakeholders.


Strategic Intent

Our Corporate intrinsic apostolic focuses in ministry are targeted communities and nations, societies in general, the business sector, families, the restoration and growth of the body of Christ, most imperative to AIM-Reformation 5778 is the training of Leaderships in the church whereby we develop and train Apostolic Ministries to function in excellence with accountability.

Apostolic Intent

As an Apostolic Leadership Ministry, we intrinsicly focus by appling a systematic approach to lay the foundation of Church Leadership, Five-Fold Ministries and Church planting.


Core Values

We believe in principled leadership with high accountability and credibility. We have a spiritual and moral responsibility towards all sectors in society in general, nations, communities, families and the Church of Christ.


Corporate Governance

AIM is an acronym for the registered organization Africa International Ministries, trading as AIM-Reformation 5778, in the Non-Profit Sector. We ascribe to sound Corporate governance and principles. Any partner/donor is entitled to feedback, progress and monthly updates regarding finances donated and projects supported.

We practice sound business principles, develop and grow people. We esteem all sectors of society and firmly believe in applying the professional, spiritual and biblical reference to the Great Harvest in all nations.


Corporate Overview

The founder of AIM-Reformation 5778 is a firm believer that the Church of Christ does not stand separated or divorced from general society.  Instead, it should be an intrinsic integrated entity.  Being able to implement transformation by providing hope, healing, miracles, restitution, and growth to all spheres of principled influence.